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BX03 — Baxandall EQ Ableton Live Rack

BX03 — Baxandall EQ Ableton Live Rack

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BX03 EQ is based on Peter Baxandall's legendary 1950s EQ found in every home stereo. The broad shelving curves let you make pleasing tweaks without changing the elements of your mix. Remove sub-frequency rumble, tighten the low-end, control high-end bite, or add some air. Sweeten it all up by adding warmth and saturation with the Color control. The BX03 Ableton Live Rack is perfect for mix bus and tracking applications.


— Broad Q-shelving

— High-frequency control from 2kHz to 18kHz

— Low-frequency control from 70Hz to 360Hz

— 5dB boost and cut controls

— High-pass/Low-pass filters with 12dB/octave slope

— Color control to add warmth and saturation

— Output level control

— Includes 6 presets

— Lifetime updates

— Includes user manual


Requires Ableton Live 11 and above.

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